Barber Shop

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Cotswold Barber Shop is a traditional barber shop serving the Charlotte, NC area. The friendly, old- fashioned atmosphere will make you feel at ease while our barber/stylists provide you with a
professional, excellent quality haircut at an affordable price!

A barber shop is a tradition. It takes you back to moments spent with your father or grandfather, and those experiences and relationships you now want to share with your sons today. Rediscover the tradition of the American Barber Shop at Cotswold Barber Shop!

Your cut is achieved using the razor, shear, or clipper, and finished with a neck shave. Facial shaves are available by appointment. And we also offer Roffler trained barber/stylists.

Regardless of which barber/stylist you choose, we stand by our work and quality. Drop by and you will be greeted with little to no wait, or call for an appt. We're open 6 days a week! And don't forget, we're also great with kids!

Cotswold Barber Shop has served the Charlotte, NC area for over 50 years! The barber shop was started in 1963, by Alex Jackson and his wife. The Jacksons owned the shop until March of 2002, when current owner, David Hood, purchased it. David is a native of Charlotte, with over 24 years of experience - 21 years at Cotswold Barber Shop. He is proud to continue this hometown tradition.

We're a classic full-service barber shop conveniently located between Southpark and Downtown in Charlotte, NC. We specialize in great quality haircuts at an excellent value! Visit us today, and you will find a friendly atmosphere for the whole family.
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